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Find out why Roto-Rooter is the most popular and effective drain cleaning system in America today with just one call.


By using our powerful auger to clear slow and stopped drains, you won't have to resort to using dangerous chemicals in your home. Just let our service technician go to work!

Blast those clogs away!

Drain cleaning and repair

Estimates available on all plumbing and repair services.

Call us today!


With Roto-Rooter of South Glens Falls and our video inspection service, you'll never have to "just take our word for it" - you'll be able to see the clog or pipe damage yourself!


Once you see what we're up against, we

can come up with the appropriate and

cost-effective solution of your choice.

See the problem first hand

Video inspections

Don't let your septic tank or grease trap go too long without pumping!


We don't have to tell you how disastrous that can be for your home or restaurant. Instead, set up regular cleanings with our staff.


Flexible scheduling is available.

Tank pumping services

Septic services

Plumbing problems never get better on their own!

Call in the professional that'll get the job done right.

Call Roto-Rooter of South Glens Falls, NY!

Clean Pipes From End-To-End

What's better than having your pipes replaced? A full pipe cleaning from Roto-Rooter of South Glens Falls! Your pipes will be as good as new after a single hydro-jetting!

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